Feedback from Mervyn Tano, Director of IIIRM

posted Feb 23, 2011, 9:36 AM by Nasbah Ben

Today I got a phone all from Merv Tano who was pleased with the website but also suggested some ares where we can improve.

1. He likes the EJ I and EJ II courses but feel that there is an information gap.  The site showcases EJ issues but doesn't talk about the origin of EJ cases and instead focuses on the end product.  He would like to see some material that focuses on the steps before these cases become ej problems.

2. There is no section to define the role of a scientist or science.

He says he would be more than happy to develop material with us and also to become a part of the group in some way.  I have sent Cynthia his contact information so that she will follow up with him.

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