Dr. Douglas Causey

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Chair and Professor of Biological Sciences
University of Alaska at Anchorage
Email: dcausey@uaa.alaska.edu
Phone: 907-786-1310
Fax: 907-786-4607

U California, Irvine Biological Sciences B.S. 1974
U California, Irvine Biological Sciences M.S. 1977
U Arizona Ecology & Evolution M.S. 1980
U Arizona Ecology & Evolution PhD. 1982

Recent Publications

Causey, D. and S. V. Edwards. 2008. Ecology of Avian Influenza Virus in Birds. Journal of Infectious Disease 197 (Suppl 1):             S29-S33

Hashmi, D. and D. Causey. 2008. A System in Which Available Energy Per Se Controls Alpha Diversity: Marine Pelagic Birds.         American Naturalist 171: 419-429.

Causey, D. and J. R. Trimble. 2008. Dinámica de la biodiversidad del cuesta pacífica del noroeste, Costa Rica. Brenesia

Corbett, D. G., D. Causey, M. Clementz, A. Doroff, C. Lefèvre, D. West. 2007. Aleut hunters, Sea Otters, and Sea Cows: 3,000         years of interactions in the western Aleutian Islands, Alaska. Pp. 43-76 in: Rick T, P. Kirch, D. Kennett (eds.), Human Impacts         on Marine Environments, University of California Press.

Causey, D. and C. Lefèvre. 2006. Diagnostic osteology and analysis of the mid- to late-Holocene dynamics of shags and                     cormorants in Tierra del Fuego. International Journal of Osteoarchaeology

Klubnikin, K. and D. Causey. 2005. Beyond Trees: Forests, War, and Uneasy Peace. European Tropical Forest Research 43:             27-28

Epstein, P. R. and D. Causey. 2005. West Nile Virus. In: Epstein, P. R. and E. Mills (editors). Climate Change Futures: Health,             Ecological and Economic Dimensions. Harvard Medical School Press, Cambridge, MA.

Causey, D. 2004. Avian Infectious Disease in Latin America. Revista 4: 28-30

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Causey, D., J. Trimble, W. Hallwachs, D. R. Brooks, D. Janzen. 2003. Migratory Birds and the Spread of West Nile. Science 299:         821