Recommended readings:

  • Chapter 3 from Indigenous Knowledge, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, by Pierotti (2010)
  • Elizabeth Marshall-Thomas: The Old Way
Presentation prepared by: Dr. Raymond Pierotti

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Discussion Questions:
Why does there seem to be such a major difference between Indigenous Americans and Western Europeans in the way they view and interact with predatory nonhumans?

 In contemporary America many Indian people have become acculturated or assimilated. Have their attitudes towards predators changed as a result of this extended interaction with Euro-American culture?

Can you think of a single film or television (drama or comedy, not nature programming) show that takes a positive attitude towards non-human predators?

Why has it become acceptable in American society to describe rapists, child molesters, and serial killers as predators?  Do such humans show any real similarity in their behavior to nonhuman predators?

Why do you think that many Indigenous American cultures regard predators, such as wolves and bears as creator figures?

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