With these quotes, how do you suppose this reflects aspects of indigenous traditional knowledge? Where is this knowledge derived and how does it play a role in the continued survival (SARP) of Native Americans?

Charlie Knight (Ute)

When Charlie was thirty-two or thirty-three, he got his healing song. Charlie lay down on his back on the ground, hands out. In the vision, the Creator came down, like a big light. …then he taught Charlie the healing song, he taught me how to heal…Wall and Arden. Wisdomkeepers' Meetings with Native American Spiritual Elders. p. 18

Audrey Shenandoah (Onondaga)

As one mind our acknowledgment, respect and gratefulness to all the sacred Cycle of Life. We, as humans, must remember to be humble and acknowledge the gifts we use so freely in our daily lives.” Ibid., p 24.

Vernon Cooper (Lumbee)

There’s nothing happens to a person that can’t be cured if you get what it takes to do it. We come out of the earth, there’s something in the earth to cure everything.” Ibid, p. 58.

These days people seek knowledge, not wisdom. Knowledge is of the past; wisdom is of the future. Ibid., p. 63.

Leilah Fisher (Hoh)

He finally learned that wisdom comes only when you stop looking for it and start truly living the life the Creator intended for you. Ibid., p. 75.

Larry Ahvakana

My culture is a living thing. It is not a static or dead way of life but an everchanging metamorphosis of adaptation…The tools may be modern, the material perhaps foreign to my grandfather, but the final statement would be the same. Creativity is Our Tradition: Three decades of Contemporary Indian Art at the Institute of American Indian Arts. p. 11.

Regis Pecos, Executive Director for the New Mexico Office of Indian Affairs.

After nearly five hundred years of being subjected to the worst policies ever conceived to destroy a people, we still have a land base to call our homelands, we still have our native religion, which is the heart of our sense of spirituality and worldview, we still have our language that affords is the means by which we are able to maintain the seeds of our values, traditions, and customs, we still have traditional forms of governance, a system which underlies the highest standard of individual commitment to family and community, and we still have the strength of family which maintains the vitality and a sense of community…A pueblo word Ske’wa is the pueblo word my grandfather always used to describe what must be our mission in our individual lives. He often said that we must give equal value to all those things that make us who we are, our language, our religion, our songs and dances, and we must give equal value to those skills necessary to protect all that we cherish, all that we have inherited that enriches our lives from all of the external forces that will never cease to influence us.  Sando, Joe S. Pueblo Profiles: Cultural Identity through Centuries of Change. p. vii

Floyd Crow Westerman (Dakota)

We have a way of life to defend-America has only a society of corruption that recognizes only the dollar as a means of measuring survival; everything is for the dollar. As America struggles for profit, profit, profit, our earth is getting chewed up faster, faster, faster. So I think we have values of life to teach the county and I hope we will get to that point. I feel that we will see a great resurgence of our people and I believe our spiritual struggle will prevail. Chapman, Serle L. We, The People of Earth and Elders, Volume II. p. 161.

Vine Deloria, Jr.

If you look at who’s going to be the last person standing in North America when the whole thing goes, the Indians have got such a lead that you can forget about it! The whites are all clustered in the cities so they’d better stop fooling around with these little countries because if they decide they’re really going to go after the U.S., the way the cities are, with germ warfare you could start one hell of an epidemic. With the environment, look at global warming, it’s becoming catastrophic. That Ice Cap up there is melting and so you’re going to see a total ecological breakdown in Alaska very shortly and everything there will change radically…It’s going to be a hell of a mess and they are finally going to have to admit that there were gigantic catastrophes on this planet. But the Indians are going to win in the end because there’s undoubtedly going to be a Cree or Blackfoot up on some mountain in Canada that won’t get the word when everything collapses and everybody kills each other, and they’re going to come down out of those mountains saying, ‘What the hell happened?  Ibid., p. 298