Online Resources

EPA's Tribal Air Program - Here you can find basic information that are relevant to the history, background, and progress of Tribal air programs.

AIRNow - Here you can view the current air quality conditions by entering your zip code.  This site uses the Air Quality Index (AQI) and is especially useful for people with existing respiratory ailments.

Navajo Nation EPA's Air Quality Control Program - An example of how an air program is operated and maintained by a Tribe.

Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals - Host of the American Indian Air Quality Training Program (AIAQTP), a training program that promotes tribal capacity for air quality management.

Tribal Air Monitoring Support Center - Another program hosted by the Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals, focusing on offering courses addressing more advanced air quality issues than the AIAQTP. 

Video Presentation - from the National Museum of American Indians in Washington, DC, March 2008. This presentation focuses more on my thesis work, which I zoomed through at the end of the class presentation. Click on the link or press play below.