Public Relations/Media Campaign Strategy

Create a public relations/media strategy that mounts a persuasive campaign to engender widespread public support for your solution or remedy to achieve environmental justice for the indigenous people(S) or communities affected.
  • Explain how your strategy is designed to appeal to a wide audience.
  • Create faux materials (radio addresses, websites, written campaign materials, slogans, storyboards for televised ads, fliers, etc.)
  • Explain in detail how your proposed strategy will achieve justice for the indigenous people(s) involved, and why it is a better strategy than a collaborative or legal/legislative strategy.
  • Identify which type(s) of environmental justice identified in Kuehn’s taxonomy your strategy will pursue, and how your campaign strategy fits into those categories:
    • Distributive Justice 
    • Corrective Justice
    • Procedural Justice
    • Social Justice
You should have a minimum of 12 sources for your project (academic journal articles, books—including our textbook, government documents, and some websites. Don’t forget—the reserve readings may also contain appropriate sources for your project.)

The student materials for this assignment can be viewed below or downloaded by clicking here