Strategy Campaign Project

There are three strategies, each designed to resolve an environmental injustice concerning native peoples:

Strategy Campaign Project Requirements

There are three strategies, each designed to resolve an environmental injustice concerning native peoples. The three strategies are: collaborative/co-management, legislative/legal, and public/media relations. Listed below are the requirements that apply to all groups, followed by additional specific requirements for individual groups which are relevant to the specific strategies.

All Groups

Select an indigenous environmental (in)justice issue.

Research the issue. Use the the course file cabinet to locate databases related to your topic, links to government documents, native rights organizations, EJ networks and law centers, etc.

A. Prepare a written report on the issue which includes a brief summary of the issue, explains how it is an environmental justice issue (in other words—how are you defining EJ so that it includes the situation your group is addressing) relevant to indigenous people, and how your strategy will work towards resolving the issue (serve to bring about justice for the indigenous peoples involved. Your written report must include a minimum of 12 sources, which should be a mix of academic literature (books and journal articles), government documents, documentary films, materials from EJ networks and organizations, and a few (emphasis on few) media pieces. Important: Use an appropriate citation format. I don’t care which one—but pick one and be consistent! (50%of the total for the project )

Grading Criteria for this section:
  • Thoroughness of research
  • Clarity of writing
  • Number and variety of sources
  • Appropriate citation format followed and all sources are cited
B. Prepare and present a 15-20 minute class presentation which explains the issue, details your strategy for resolving the injustice, and justifies why you developed your strategy in a particular manner. You may use any media you choose in delivering your strategy presentation (audio, video, Powerpoint, printed materials, lecture—or some combination of those presentation tools.) Be prepared to answer questions from the audience about the issue in general, and about your strategy campaign. (50% of the total points for the project are for your presentation).

Grading criteria for this section:

  • Clarity of Presentation (Did the audience clearly understand your presentation, including the summary of the issue and why it is an EJ issue relevant to native people, the details of your strategy, and why you believe it would be effective?)
  • Creativeness in presentation format (Did you grab the audience’s attention and hold it or were people snoozing after the first five minutes?)
  • Effectiveness of strategy (Is it feasible? persuasive? Does it address likely opposition?)
  • Group effort (This is a collaborative project. Did all the members of the group appear to have worked on the project or did only one person seem to really know what was going on?)
  • Timing (Did the presentation effectively utilize the time allowed? Too long? Too short?)