Alaska Native Documents and Resources


The websites below provide an excellent and comprehensive introduction to Alaska Native Tribes, their cultures, and their knowledge systems and ways of knowing. The websites reward further exploration in the breadth and depth of their available resources. They also contain some of the most up-to-date curriculum resources currently available for teachers K-12 to Post-Secondary levels. For more specific information on particular topics see the list of Resource Pages.

The Alaska Native Knowledge Network (ANKN)

is designed to serve as a resource for compiling and exchanging information related to Alaska Native knowledge systems and ways of knowing, including Traditional Ecological Knowledge. This site provides documentation related to the ways in which Alaska Native people acquire and utilize knowledge related to the ecological system in which they are situated. Other information is available in various forms including publications—books, articles, DVDs, Interactive CDs and Posters—and K-12 and post-secondary education culturally-based curriculum resources “to illustrate ways in which Indigenous and Western knowledge systems can be brought to bear in schools through a balanced, comprehensive and culturally-aligned curriculum framework adaptable to local circumstances.”

University of Alaska Anchorage,
Alaska Native Ways of Teaching and Learning

Making Learning Visible
is a University of Alaska Anchorage initiative to showcase faculty teaching and learning innovations. The portfolios developed by faculty to share their work are grouped at this site by faculty learning communities. This learning community includes nearby Alaska Pacific University as part of a series known as Difficult Dialogues: Alaska Native Ways of Teaching and Learning.

Alaska Native Heritage Center

“Local residents and visitors to Alaska are introduced to Native traditions and customs of both the past and present. The Welcome House is a celebration of contemporary Alaska Native cultures while the outdoor facilities and sites allow the exploration of ancient tradition and the presentation of stories from the past. Our Center provides a unique opportunity to experience Alaska's many diverse Native cultures at one location. In facilitating the transmission of Alaska Native knowledge, heritage and tradition, the Center promotes self-esteem and pride among Alaska Natives. The Alaska Native Heritage Center improves understanding among all Alaskans and encourages appreciation of Alaska Native people and their traditions, history, and contributions to Alaska.”